URGENT PLEASE HELP I can not figure this out ive gotten it wrong 3 times pleae

Accepted Solution

Answer:   see below for a graphStep-by-step explanation:Each of the functions:y = -xy = x+2y = 5will only be graphed in the specified domain. You know that ...   y = -xis a line with slope -1 through the origin. It won't go through the origin on your graph, because it stops at x = -2. f(x) is not defined as -(-2) at x=-2, so there will be an open circle at the end of this portion of the graph.__You know that   y = x+2is a line with slope +1 through the y-intercept (0, 2). It will only be part of your graph for x-values between -2 and 2, inclusive. Because f(x) is defined as x+2 at the end points of this segment, those points will be shown as solid dots.__You know that   y = 5is a horizontal line. It will be part of your graph for x > 2, and will have an open circle on the end at x=2. f(2) is not defined as 5, but is defined as 4 (see above), which is why the circle is open.