Strech your thinking- Cameron eats 1/3 of his granola bars before school and another 1/3 of the granola bar for lunch. Draw and shade a fraction bar to show how much of the granola bar Cameron has eaten.​

Accepted Solution

Answer:Look at the image provided.Step-by-step explanation:The top number, 1, is the numerator. This practically indicates how much of the denominator [the bottom number] is taken out (in this case, it's taken out because Cameron ate it).A denominator is how many pieces there are total. In this case, there are 3. Thinking logically, if Cameron ate 1 slice of granola before school, and another for lunch, she ate a total of 2 slices [or 2/3].Now to the drawing. Draw a rectangle and divide it into 3 sections (as there's 3 pieces to the granola). If Cameron ate 2, you have to colour in 2. So there yellow shaded section on my diagram is the shaded bar. Hope this helps!